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Yosemite Water Slides

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Yosemite Slides 1

….or often referred to as the “Tuolumne Slides” or Water Slides, can be an enjoyable way to spend a day in Yosemite National Park.  However, you probably won’t find this gem on the map they hand you at the entrance gates.  This unique place is more off the beaten path than the typical trail system you see just off the road.  But I’m just here to share my experience about recently enjoying a day there.  If you are looking for directions, you won’t find them here.


Whether it be liquid or ice, water can be a very powerful force.  Over hundreds of thousands of years, rivers and streams can carve through rock making a limitless variety of formations.  But in areas where the water has run over the surface of low angle granite slabs, there is always one common denominator, and that’s smooth rock.  And when these polished pieces of granite are wet or have water running over them, they can be extremely slippery. Well, when nature combined the elements of this feature with just the right slope, it produces a natural water slide.


With a natural water slide you have unpredictability.  Unpredictability can really add to the excitement, as too far left you flow into tailbone busting rock ledge, and too far right you get to skip down a flight of granite stairs.  So to put it simply, you really want to hold your line and not let yourself gets swept off course by the fast moving water.  But this is always easier said than done when dealing with the flow of water at high speeds.  While most of us had all successful runs down the slides, we did see a few folks take victim to bumpy course options.


But whether you wish to watch, participate, or both, the overall setting out there is gorgeous.  Half Dome can be seen out in the distance as you hike in, and the mix of rock and water funneling into the canyon with high ridge-lines above makes for a beautiful setting…even if you wanted to just hike in and turn right around to hike back out.


Written by Eric Leach /949-690-5555/ www.EricLeach.net

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