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Town of Mammoth Proposed Restructuring Plan

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Mickey BrownAt the Town of Mammoth Lakes Town Council Meeting on October 18, 2012, Madeleine “Mickey” Brown spoke as the Vice-Chair for the Town’s Planning and Economic Development Commission.

A key component of the Town’s Economic Recovery is to be truly “Developer Ready”. In the past, developers were forced to negotiate the “rules of play” as they brought forward their applications, often leading to a lengthy and frustrating approval process. The Planning Commission and the Economic Development Department with the Adoption of the General Plan, Neighborhood District Plans and the Destination Resort Strategy want to approach future community development in a precise and clear-cut fashion in which the applicants clearly know the Town’s requirements. In order to accomplish this objective it is imperative to finish the Zoning Code, Permit Fee and Developer Impact Fees (DIF) Updates.

Mickey presented the 2012/2012 Community Development Department Work Program as established by the Planning Commission. The schedule was divided into three cat orgies; current/future projects, ongoing projects and almost complete projects. Within each category the individual projects were listed in order of priority. In establishing these priorities, the Commission took into account whether a project would generate revenue, funding was already provided such as in grant money and/or if there was a legal mandate. The Work Program as outlined would take approximately 1 ½ years to complete.

She also stated that prior to the Council meeting that Ellen Clark, Rhonda Duggan and herself had met with the Economic Stimulus Council on Friday, October 12th. The consensus from that meeting was that we needed to look for ways to expedite the Work Program as it relates to be Developer Ready. Some of the Economic Stimulus Council ideas to expedite this process were:

  • While the Zoning Code Update was going through Legal Review to start working on the Permit Fees and DIF review.
  • Hire a consulting firm to complete the Permit and Fees Update
  • Additionally, Council will need to decide if any DIF reductions or Incentive Zoning will be “policy” decisions or part of the code.

Last year, the Town had prepared an Economic Forecast Study. In that study, there were three different growth scenarios. If the Town had growth as projected in Scenario #2 which is a net increase of short term transient rentals of 1,900 units, the net impact would be as follows:

  • Retail Sales Tax would increase $2.7 million and Measure R funds would increase $1.37 million
  • Transient Occupancy Tax would double
  • Measure U funds would increase 37%

While restructuring/reduction of the Town budgets are always important, Mickey suggested to Council that the emphasis be a two prong approach – cutting costs and increasing revenue.

If you have any question or comments Madeleine “Mickey” Brown can be contacted at Mickey@RPExperts.com.

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