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Top 10 Mammoth Real Estate Selling Points

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Mammoth Real EstateThe Mammoth Times recently posted an article about dream homes asking their readers which features would be present in their dream home. They compiled a list of the most popular real estate wishlist items in 2011 from Nudura, a leading firm in building technology. Some of the items on the list are obvious to most, but others may be a surprise to some.


  1. Curb Appeal: Your homes exterior appearance is one of the biggest selling points and it is also very important for people who are not selling. Curb Appeal was rated number one on the list because it is important for the individual living in the residence while also being important to those who live in the neighborhood. A nice neighborhood can benefit from improvements to curb appeal in the overall property value average increasing. Improvements to the driveway, landscaping, and facade of the home can greatly increase curb appeal. New paint, renovations to the front porch, deck and windows can also improve curb appeal.
  2. Concrete Framing: The use of concrete to frame a home has grown in popularity recently. Combined with the use of natural stone, rather than traditional bricks is also on the rise. Concrete framing rather than wood framing is stronger and walls built with stone and concrete are more sound resistant, and more energy efficient. They also add a unique style to the home that sets it apart from other traditional homes.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Environmentally conscious home owners are increasingly looking at as many ways to improve energy efficiency throughout their homes. Energy efficient windows, appliances, water heaters, air conditioning units, insulation and doors can be a huge selling point for the Mammoth real estate market.
  4. Solar Panels: While not a huge selling point for a lot of people, this can be a big plus for those looking to save money on electricity during the summer months. In Mammoth Lakes there are some measures that home owners need to take to protect solar panels during the winter. But for many this is a great way to increase the value of your home and add another great selling point to your property.
  5. Large Kitchens: Would you like to have a large, designer kitchen with natural stone countertops and state of the art appliances, cabinetry and waterworks? Most people would say “Yes, please”. Improving your kitchen is one of the soundest ways to increase the value of your home and improve your chances of selling for your asking price.
  6. Wood Flooring: Natural hardwood flooring like Brazilian cherry and sustainable bamboo are growing in popularity all over the United States. Mammoth Lakes is no different. Real wood floors can require more maintenance than artificial wood flooring but the benefits outway the cost to many people. This is another great selling point for real estate in Mammoth Lakes. If you have it in your renovation budget and you are looking to sell, this might be a good choice for you.
  7. Specialty Spaces: Many people wish their home had a sunroom, a wrap around front porch, or a backyard finished patio. If you have a home that could accomodate this type of improvement, it could be worth it to take some time and seriously think about this upgrade.
  8. Vessel Sinks: Also known as freestanding sink bowls, this type of bathroom upgrade sits above the bathroom countertop and is most often accompanied by wall-mounted faucets. These are both elegant and modern. They are also a great conversation piece in any home.
  9. Balconies: Bedroom walk out or balcony. Either way people love them and if your home has one, you are one step closer to selling your home in the Mammoth real estate market.
  10. Designer Bathrooms: high end designer bathtubs and walk-in showers with marble tile are widely popular among buyers. Other designer bathroom features such as seating bench and rainfall shower-heads are also on the list of dream home renovations. If you have it, good. If you don’t you may want to consider getting it. Especially if you are planning on selling in the near future.


Thanks for reading, we hope you found the information above helpful and insightful. If you have any questions about Mammoth Real Estate please feel free to ask us. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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