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Tioga Pass Opening & Closing Dates

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Tioga Pass Opening & Closing Dates

So Tioga Pass is currently open to the east gates of Yosemite and Tuolumne Valley, and expected to open up all the way into Yosemite Park by the weekend!  But wait, it’s only May 1st!?!?!  Weren’t we busy shoveling our brains out last around this time with constant and endless snow?  Well that’s the beauty of Mother Nature; she keeps up on our toes.  Last year an amazing winter…this year an amazing summer.


Take a look at this above Yosemite National Park website and the Tioga Road data within the chart.  As of April 1st last year our Snowpack was 178% and this year it was 43%, which is the lowest since 1988.  Talk about night and day.  But you don’t hear me complaining, as I was just happy to be able to get up within a mile or so of the entrance this Sunday.  And from there I headed out with a friend on our touring biked loaded with a light climbing rack and the bare essentials to go get our first spring Tuolumne multi-pitch climbing route in for the season.


After about 16 miles of pedaling, we arrived at Tenaya Lake which sits just across the road from the well-know Stately Pleasure Dome.  Well the rock dry and the weather was good, so we dropped the bikes, geared up, and simo-climbed a route I hadn’t been on in years called West Country.  And then once the fun was done, we had to turn around and pedal another 16 out of there.  All in all it made for an amazing day.  In all the years of living in the Eastern Sierra, I never thought I’d be climbing in Tuolumne in January and then right back in there in April.  What a special place we live in!

Did anyone else get any climbing in over at Tuolumne the last few days?  I have friend that set off with his girlfriend to head out to tackle Cathedral on Sunday, but I haven’t heard how they did.  The funny thing is I’m pretty sure he was probably the last person on Cathedral for the winter when he and I and two other climbing it on January 8th of this year. 

By Eric Leach / eric@rpexperts.com / 800-921-6520 / www.EricLeach.net

2 Responses to “Tioga Pass Opening & Closing Dates”

  1. alliex says:

    Hard to believe that is the same lake I was ice skating on January 4th. Beautiful always.

    • RPE says:

      And I just got back in there today for another ride. However, they had the gates closed at the bottom of the pass, so we had to pedal the extra distance and vertical up to the entrance gates. I was hoping for leisure 36 miles and instead got 52 miles with twice the vertical ascent and a nasty headwind to top it off. But I just got an email from NPS toady that the road will officially open to vehicle traffic at noon on Monday May 7th. Eric

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