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Summer Home Projects

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For most people, your primary residence will be the largest investment you’ll make throughout life.  So naturally you want to protect your investment.  Well the best way to do so is to maintain that investment.

 Not in the recent years, but history shows us that over the course of one’s lifetime, ownership of a home usually proves to be an appreciating investment; regardless if that may take many years.  And I think anyone who has owned a home for over a decade can definitely agree with that statement, even if it has been the most recent decade where home values have followed a very symmetrical bell-shaped curve.  And this has been the roller coaster of value in most areas of the United States; and definitely within the Mammoth Lakes area.

But as most of us know, whether our home is in a period of appreciation, depreciation, or stagnant value, just living in it creates wear and tear.  Well now that Summer is officially amongst us, what better time to put a little sweat equity back into your home in effort to preserve that value and maintain your investment! 


So whether you are planning to sell soon, just moved in, or somewhere in between, here is a list of Summer projects you can get started on this weekend:

  • Wipe down your walls, baseboards, and ceilings
  • Clean out your dryer exhaust and remove all built-up lint and debris
  • Clean out your fridge and freezer and vacuum out the grill and coil in the back
  • Clean out your rain gutters and check your roof
  • Power wash the exterior of the home, porches, decks, and garages
  •  Remove and donate unwanted items and reorganize your home throughout
  • Oil any squeaky hinges on doors, windows, and cabinets
  • Wash all your windows both inside and out
  • Rake up your yard front and back and remove all unnecessary debris
  • Wipe down and clean all curtains, blinds, verticals, and shutters
  • Reseal/repair all cracked and worn grout in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Re-stain or repaint wood decks and trim
  • Steam clean your carpets and area rugs
  • Disassemble light fixtures inside and out to thoroughly clean
  • Have your exterior repainted if it has been a while
  • Replace your forced air intake air filters
  • Give your oven a deep clean
  • Unwire all your major electronics and clean out dust behind and around them

Most of these are small task you can tackle yourself.  But if you have any questions on the above, or need a reference of a handyman who can help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


By Eric Leach 949-690-5555 Eric@RPExperts.com

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