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Spain Trip Part 1

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So now Spain can be officially marked off my list of places to visit. It was an amazing trip and we got so much traveling done around the country for just over a week. We began by flying into Sevilla; however, we arrived so late that we didn’t really get to see any sights but we were planning on coming back so we didn’t mind much and so we got ready for the big day drive the next day. This is where the first day of sights began. We drove from Sevilla all the way to Gibraltar, a total of just over 2 hours driving. Once we arrived there we went straight to the cable car to the top of the rock but it was an interesting drive getting to the cable car. This is because once you drive into the country, which is actually a British territory (so you have to cross through customs), you actually cross straight across the country’s airport. This was definitely a sight to see as we literally drove straight across the runway and actually had to be held for a plane to take off. Once at the top of the rock we got to see some funny looking monkeys that ended up stealing our bags only to search them for food. Luckily they only found a pack of tic-tacs that was pretty much already empty. From the top of the rock we could see our next big destination, Morocco, and more importantly the continent of Africa.  After taking a ton of photos of we left the country and headed to Tariffa in southern Spain where we spent the night.  In part 2 we’ll begin with Morocco and then continue on with Sevilla, Madrid, and Barcelona.

By Jason

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  1. Eric Leach says:

    Jason….I’m jealous! Spain looks amazing; I can’t wait to hear more about it. I myself am off to Belgium & Netherlands in just a few weeks for a two week bike tour.

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