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Spain Trip Part 4

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The next day wasn’t so eventful we essentially wander around a little more on our own just out enjoying the town until we have to catch a flight to Barcelona. We arrive there and end up finding our hotel for the night. On the walk to the hotel we found a great little shopping center located next to one of Barcelona’s landmark Cathedrals that has places to eat so we end up going back there for dinner. We are exhausted so we call it a night so we can get up and spend the whole day tomorrow sightseeing. Once we get up we hop on the metro and end up at this enormous park at the top of a hillside. The view is incredible and you can see pretty much all of Barcelona. In the park they have got statues as well as a bunch of interesting mosaics including a lizard designed by a famous Barcelona Architect, Antoni Gaudi which we’ll hear more about later. From the park we head to the marina for lunch. At lunch we ordered a drink not knowing that that one drink would be the size of a pitcher as most of the beers we’ve had up to that point were small. After lunch we end up on the beach where there are hundreds of people enjoying the sun and since it was so windy watching the kite boarders do their thing. After the beach we head over to a famous home from one of Spain’s crazy architects Antoni Gaudi. The vision this man put into this home was very interesting to see. He builds the entire home as an underwater world from hallways in the design of fish bones to an atrium that looked more like an aquarium than a part of a home. The most interesting thing about this house was that it was built so long ago that most people didn’t understand this man’s vision and you could see why. Even today there has not been anything built in the same manor. From there we go to dinner and so we go back to where we ate the first night. We head back to the hotel due to the fact we have to wake up early to fly back home in the morning. In the morning we hop on a flight to JFK and then continue home to LA.


By Jason Ecker / jason@rpexperts.com

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  1. Eric Leach says:

    Well done Jason! Way to get out there and experience the world. Those are the sort of vacations that you never forget. Now get to work! 🙂 ….Eric

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