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Spain Trip Part 2

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The next morning we woke up at 8 to take the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar over to Morocco. We landed in Tangier and as soon as we got onto land our tour guide was there waiting for us. We partnered up with another family of three and went on our way. First stop was at a local coffee shop to try the local tea. This tea was amazing it was nothing to fancy just a simple mint tea but what blew me away was just how fresh it was. After we enjoyed our relaxing tea we got into a van and got a driving tour of the city. We drove across the boardwalk were Morocco had all its clubs and cafes and from there we headed west over to the richer part of the city. Some of the houses we saw were absolutely spectacular and worth millions. We passed by houses where an oil prince lived in a guarded palace to the ruler of Morocco’s private residence when he was in town. The crazy part about these houses is that they all had their own garages which if you could imagine were across the street from the actual house but the garages were essentially the same size as the mansion. After driving past what had to be 20 guarded houses we ended up on a road to the coast. This was an amazing sight and we took pictures from the cliff side of what the guide told us was an 80 mile stretch of uninhabited beach. The water was crystal clear and the waves looked like it would be a surfers paradise with no end in sight. We drove straight up to the beach which is where we got to ride camels and enjoy walking up to the water collecting shells of all sorts. After this we headed over to pretty much a random hole in the wall but our guide knew where he was going and so we ended up in a cave where the waves would crash up against the wall in front of us. The cave had some amazing features and our guide new all about the meaning behind all the symbols that had been carved into the cave walls over the thousands of years. From here we went to the market. This was no ordinary market in that it was all filled with the day’s slaughtered animals. Anything from a cow to a pigeon and rabbit were fair game here. All the animals were skinned or DE-feathered and laid out to be displayed. After losing a little of an appetite we actually went to get lunch. The food was interesting and nothing special at the same time. There was lamb on a skewer to a Cinnamon soup and the main dish of a chicken on top of couscous. From there we got our time share sales portion of the trip done. Our guide took us to a number of random market stores were we saw a whole bunch of useless items that no one could have had a use for but they were still more than willing to try to sell it to you. As we have been to third world countries and had beggars try to sell us this stuff before we didn’t have any of it and so we told our guide thanks for the offer but if that is all he would be showing us could he please take us back to the ferry.

By Jason Ecker / jason@rpexperts.com

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