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Mammoth Mountain Winter 2012

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Winter Snowfall Forecast

Mammoth Mountain Winter Snowfall ForecastThe rumor mill has started with people starting to think about a 1000 inches of snow this winter. Although this is just a rumor, signs of winter have already hit the Eastern Sierras with a dusting of snow on the top of several peaks this past week. The snow didn’t last long but with thunderstorms and cold temperatures beginning to hit the Mammoth Area winter is right around the corner. Thunderstorms are expected to continue for the next couple of days and with lows in the 30s there may be more mornings where you can see that white stuff on the top of the mountains we love. A sign that seems to be in full support of the crazy rumor, that everyone has begun to talk about. Locals seem to be indifferent with regards to the rumor as many are still wondering just where there summer went this year. Others are thinking what 1000 inches of snow would mean to them, especially after last winter reaching records snow fall. Who knows what lies in store for us but the fact of the matter is winter is coming.

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