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Mammoth Mountain Map

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Mammoth Mountain Map

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The map of Mammoth Mountain above features details including ski runs, the difficulty level of those runs, lodges, stations, and chair lifts, as well as other amenities such as first aid stations, places to buy food and drink, pay phones, shuttles, shopping, and places to buy lift tickets. This is the modern version of the Mammoth Mountain Map. It also features the backside of Mammoth Mountain with directions to and from the Outpost.

The Main Lodge, Mill Cafe, Canyon Lodge, Eagle Lodge, The Outpost, McCoy Station, The Village, and Top Of The Sierra stations are featured in the map with details about their amenities. All of the ski runs, including cross country skiing tracks, are clearly laid out and color coded with standard symbols signifying difficulty. The Ski Area Boundary is also clearly laid out on this Map of Mammoth Mountain. The area beyond that point is not patrolled so it is strongly advised that you do not go passed it. If you do and you are injured you are in serious risk of not being found.

Black Diamond Runs

There are a lot of Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond runs on this Map of Mammoth Mountain (in the following list 1 symbolizes Single Black Diamond and 2 symbolizes Double Black Diamond). From left to right on the Mammoth Mountain Map they are: Dragon’s Tail (2), Wazoo (2), Dragons Back (2), Ricochet(1), Head Chutes (2), Bluejay(1), Sunshine(1), Grizzly(2), Lower Grizzly (1), Shaft(2), Dave’s Run(1), Viva(2), Lover Viva(1), Avalanche Chutes(2), Encore(1), The Acts(1), One Chance(1), Spook(1), Face of Five(1), Huevos Grande(2), Sanctuary(1), Silver(1), Triangle(1), Dry Creek(1), Climax(2), Rooster Tail(1), Christmas Bowl(1), China Bowl(1), Waterfall(2), Hangman’s Hollow(2), West Bowl(1), Rodger’s Ridge(1), Drop(1), MJB’s(2), Cornice Bowl(1), Patrolmen’s(1), Dropout Chutes(2), Wall(1), Gravy Chute(2), Wipeout Chutes(2), Skyline(1), Glades(1), Fascination(1), Agee’s Run(1), Blue Ox(1), Scotty’s(1), Paranoid Flats(2), Far West(1), Philippe’s(2), Kiwi Flat(2), Star Chute(1), White Bark Bowl(1), Santiago Bowl(1), Hemlock Ridge(2), and Hemlock Bowl(1).

Black Diamond Variations

There are a few non-standard ski runs that are rated between Black Diamond and Blue Square. These are displayed as a blue square inside of a black diamond. The Majority of the runs of this type are located between the Mill Cafe and Canyon Lodge. The tracks that are Blue Square Black Diamond combinations from left to right on the Mammoth Mountain Map above are as follows: Dragon Alley, Ricochet, Juniper, Redwing, Redtail, Slot, Back For More, Haven’t The FOggiest, Quicksilver, Goldhill, Relief, Follow Me, Downhill, Sideshow, Avalanche, Crosswalk, Rollercoaster, Wall Street, Lower Dry Creek, Coyote, Knee Deep, Powder Bowl, Ralphies, and Terry’s Run.

Blue Square Runs

Mammoth Mountain doesn’t have as many beginner runs as expert tracks. This is evident in the overwhelming number of Black Diamond, Double Black Diamond and Blue Square combination runs. The Map of Mammoth Mountain above shows this in detail. The Blue Square Runs that are on the Mammoth Mountain Map are listed from left to right: Watertank, Manzanita, Christmas Tree, Bridges, Chickadee, Swell, Hully Gully, Cloverleaf, Downhill, Way Home, Solitude, Lost in the Woods, Comeback Trail, Old Comeback, Stump Alley, Mambo, Phantom’s Escape, Broadway, St. Anton, Gremlin’s Gulch, Bristlecone, Lodgepole, Comin’ Thru, White Bark Ridge, New Critters, Critters, Secret Spot, Lower Road Runner, Training Wheels, Opps, Surprise, Santiago, and Red’s Lake Run.

Green Circle Runs

There are a good amount of Green Circle runs and Green Circle Blue Square combo runs featured in the Mammoth Mountain Map above. Because these runs are beginner to intermediate difficulty we have decided to list them as one. They are displayed on the Map of Mammoth Mountain from left to right as follows: Holiday, Sleepy Hollow, Lupin, School Yard, Round Robin, Ginger Bread, Spring Canyon, Round About, Little Bird, Hansel, Gretel, Easy Rider, Over Easy, St. Moritz, Jill’s Run, Gus’ Pasture, Sesame Street, and Lower Road Runner.

Terrain Parks

Mammoth Mountain is well known in the ski and snowboard community for its excellent terrain parks. The terrain parks featured in the Mammoth Mountain Map above are listed from left to right as follows: Voodoo Chute, Spring Canyon, Alligator, Wonderland Park, South Park, Jibs Glore, x-Course, Twilight Zone, Forest Trail Park, Disco Park, and Wooly’s Woods.

Chair Lifts

The Chair lifts directly out of Mammoth Lakes are amazing. There are ski-in ski-out condos and houses in Mammoth Lakes, CA that are unlike any other in the world. Many of the Ski-in Ski-out Condos are located near Eagle Lodge, Canyon Lodge or in The Village. The Village Gondola from the Village Lodge takes you right to Canyon Lodge from the center of town. The other Chair Lifts shown in the Mammoth Mountain Map above are listed from left to right as follows: Eagle Express, Cloud Nine Express, Chair 25, Chair 8, Chair 22, Canyon Express, Schoolyard Express, Chair 7, Roller Coaster Express, Chair 20, Chair 21, Glodrush Express, Chair 5, Stump Alley Express, Panorama Gondola, Thunder Bound Express, Broadway Express, Chair 23, Chair 12, Chair 13, and Chair 14.

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