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Mammoth Mountain – Spring Skiing

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During the spring, there is a sweet spot in the day when the “corduroy” snow softens and before it gets slushy. If you follow these instructions you will dramatically increase your probabilities of hitting the slope at just the right time as it changes almost daily. The first and most important rule is to check your outdoor thermometer to see what the low temperature was during the night before. If it was a very cold night say around 15 degrees, go back to bed or have an extra cup of coffee before hitting the slopes. Conversely, if it didn’t freeze the night before, also go back to bed and plan on going fishing later in the day.

On the average spring day, you will want to be on the Mountain around 9:00 a.m. and you want to follow the sun around moving in an east to west direction. Your runs might go something like this Chair Cloud 9, Chair 5, Face Lift Express 3, Upper Panorama Gondola a couple of times to hit Dave’s Run, Cornice and Scotty’s, Chair 14, Scotty’s back to Main Lodge or Mill Cafe for lunch and a beer.

And while on powder days there are no friends, there are always friends while spring skiing. Remember, Mammoth Mountain will remain open through Memorial Day so there are still a lot of days left to enjoy the snow!  Have fun and most of all don’t forget your sun screen.

Submitted by Madeleine “Mickey” Brown

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