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Mammoth Hospital

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Mammoth HospitalWe feel that it is important to know about the area you are planning on moving to. That is why we try to provide valuable information about healthcare, education, shopping, childcare and activities for the family here on our Mammoth Real Estate blog. We provide this information so you can make an informed decision when moving to Mammoth. Below is some general information about the Mammoth Hospital which we hope you never have to see the inside of, but if you do, you will be glad that you are in the hands of qualified caring professionals. Mammoth Hospital takes pride in providing quality health care and world class service. The hospital has been operating since 1978 providing medial services for visitors and residents of Mono and Inyo Counties.

Mammoth Hospital is a modern, 17-bed facility, designated by the federal government as a Critical Access Hospital, supported by first-rate equipment. We pride ourselves on personalized care, full-time board certified medical staff, and highly qualified nursing staff throughout the hospital and 12 out-patient clinics. Since illness and injury don’t always occur between the hours of eight and five, Mammoth Hospital is always prepared to meet your health care needs with 24-hour emergency care.

The Mammoth Hospital and Southern Mono Healthcare District are dedicated to excellence in the preservation, enhancement and restoration of the health and well being of all members of their residential and visitor communities. Because of the high influx of tourists and people on vacation it is common for Mammoth Hospital to receive non resident patients. Because of the nature of activities and outdoor adventures in the area, injuries are common and Mammoth Hospital is prepared. They have a lot of experience in dealing with everything from skiing injuries to chronic illness. Mammoth Hospital is owned and operated by the Southern Mono Health Care District.

Mammoth Hospital is determined to deliver excellent, compassionate health care services for the residents and visitors in and around Mammoth Lakes, CA. They are dedicated to providing appropriate health care services which conform to the highest standards of care and are directed toward improving the overall health of the Mammoth Lakes community. Mammoth Hospitals goal is to ensure sustainability through sound governance, quality management and financial responsibility. Also they are driven to facilitate continuity of care through the development of local and regional collaborative relationships with businesses and other providers. In short they provide the best possible care, including preventative care all the while operating efficiently and professionally.

If you are ever sick or injured in or around Mammoth Lakes, you can feel safe and comfortable knowing that quality health care is right around the corner. If you would like more information about Real Estate in Mammoth please contact us or visit the Neighborhoods Page to look at the various areas in and around town. Also check out our Mammoth Real Estate Guide, Mammoth Condo Guide and other Resources such as a Map of Mammoth, School District information, Childcare Providers, Shopping and more. Learn more about Mammoth Hospital by visiting their website.

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