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Mammoth Condo Fees (HOA’s)

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Many past home buyers have asked us why HOA dues and Condo Fees seem to be higher in Mammoth Lakes than other cities in California. We would like to take this opportunity to explain the reasons for higher HOA Dues and Common Area Fees.

Mammoth Condo Association Fees Snow & IceSnow And Ice

Since so much of the Mammoth Real Estate market is made up of condominiums this has become a noticeable issue among potential buyers. There are many reasons for raising or lowering Condo Fees from year to year. Snow and ice cause a lot of damage to properties in Mammoth Lakes and they are also one of the reasons for higher HOA fees in the area. The high amount of snow fall means there are additional costs in moving and managing snow and ice so that it doesn’t cause property damage. One of the reasons people love Mammoth so much is also one of the biggest factors in why Condo Fees are higher than elsewhere. A lot of time, money and effort is spent clearing the roads & pathways, and the city passes that cost along to you the resident.

When a potential home buyer views a condo during the summer, it is often confusing why there would be such a high cost for snow removal. But come winter, they all come to realize the real importance of snow removal. And snow removal is not just some kid with a shovel. There is a lot of preparation and management that goes into maintaining clean roads, paths and parking lots in a busy ski town like Mammoth. The cost is high for a number of other reasons as well including maintenance on equipment, skilled labor, fuel, and the cost of insurance for operating heavy machinery. Condo Associations, Home Owners, and Landlords all have to pay for the service in some form or another. Whether its in the form of HOA fees, rent surcharges, a monthly invoice, or bed tax.


Another reason for higher fees is the cost of insurance. At condos, HOA fees pay for coverage on a variety of insurance policies including fire insurance, general liability insurance, Director and Officers insurance, and some projects even carry earthquake coverage.


Many of the HOA fees cover water and sewer. They also often include common area landscape costs, garbage & recycling, and propane. Basic heating costs can be pretty high in winter months because the plumbing needs to protected from freezing. Also during peak rental time in the winter, having fixed heating bills can save owners a lot of money. One thing to remember that is important: every HOA is different. Research the HOA at the condo you are looking at buying to make sure it is right for you.

Special Assessments

While not a direct HOA Fee these projects can be expensive and they are almost always very important. Special Assessments pay for new roofs, siding, painting, paving and keep your condo unit safe, looking nice, well insulated and protected from the elements. You can sometimes find a condo that has had an expensive special assessment recently that has low association fees. Also you need to be aware that some of the condos with low HOA fees in Mammoth may have a big special assessment coming up. So ask a lot of questions and inspect all elements of the property closely before buying.

Some condo associations have low HOA fees to make the project seem more affordable. They like to keep the monthly fees low while having special assessments when needed. This can create the illusion of low fees but can often cost owners much more at once than they would have paid over time. Paying a higher monthly fee is usually pretty good insurance against having to be hit with an expensive special assessment.

Thanks for reading, we hope the information above was helpful. If you are a buyer looking for great condos for sale in Mammoth Lakes, CA we are here for you. If you have more questions or concerns please contact us directly, browse our Mammoth Real Estate Blog or visit the official website for the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

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