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Mammoth Brewing Company

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Mammoth Brewing CompanyMammoth Beer Sales Are Up! Mammoth Brewing Company’s recently released sales figures is a testimony to what a terrific summer Mammoth Lakes visitors and residents had. After all, nothing tastes finer then a locally brewed beer after a long hike over the Minarets, exhilarating mountain bike ride down Mammoth Mountain or after a day of fishing on Lake Mary. Brewers measure everything in brewer’s barrels (bbls) which is defined as 31 gallons. Sean Turner, owner, recently reported that year to date Mammoth Brewing has sold 4,140 bbls which is 32% higher than 2010. For a small brewery that has limited space, self distributes from Bishop to Lee Vining and only 16 full time employees that is pretty impressive. There most popular beers are IPA395, EPIC 395 and Double Nut Brown. Personally, my favorite is Paranoids Pale Ale or if you are in Yosemite National Park it is sold under the label Yosemite Pale.

If looking at Mammoth Lakes Real Estate on the internet is starting to bore you, call me and we can meet at Mammoth Brewery and chat about “hot” deals while enjoying the local flavor.

By: Madeleine “Mickey” Brown

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