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Mammoth’s Best Day of the Winter!

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Well it’s no surprise that this winter in the Eastern Sierra hasn’t lived up to its usual dump-fest that we’ve all become so accustom to. However, with a nice storm that finally reached Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, both locals and tourists have their addiction temporarily fulfilled. After a few back-to-back days of fresh new snow falling, February 16th proved to be an amazing blue bird day with moderate temps and fantastic conditions. And although the lower half of the mountain had been hammered the day before, the top runs and the backside has some fresh powder waiting for everyone.

The gondola to the top took a while to get going, as wind on the ridge tops was still heavy. But once chair 23 popped, it was game on with respect to the backside. I know I personally tacked a handful of laps off chair 14 changing my way down each time in search of better and better stashes of fresh snow.

Now that we are back to warm temps and almost spring-like conditions, there’s no reason why skiers and snowboarders shouldn’t be excited about getting as many days in as possible. Despite the below average base depth and local snowpack, the runs now have plenty of coverage and as usual, Mammoth Mountain has been laying down some of the country’s finest corduroy in the nation.

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