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Lundy Lake Ice Skating

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We’ve had great blue skies for the past few weeks and below freezing temps that have turned our local lakes into gigantic, beautiful ice rinks. Today the Godoys met up with some other local families and went ice skating at Lundy Lake (which is actually a dammed up reservoir with amazing views near Lee Vining) The lake was crystal clear and smooth as glass. The “ping, gong” of the ice undulating, or as Fiona described it “whale” voices, under the ice, can be daunting. However when you see 30+ people out in the middle of the lake, you feel a little safer. Also when you do see the cracks – you can see that the ice is over 6 inches thick – which some have described as thick enough to drive a car over. Lundy Lake was frozen solid from end to end as my friend Barbara and I skated the mile plus across and back – kinda racing – kinda testing our skating skills against each other, but laughing the whole way. We are so lucky to live in such an amazing place!

Lundy Lake Ice Skating

The cold weather is also letting the mountain pick up some of nature’s slack. They are able to blow snow all over the mountain night and day. Canyon and Little Eagle Lodges will open this week under a blizzard of crisp, powdery snow (almost) as good as Mother Nature’s own.

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