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Learning to Fly 102

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So now that last month we learned the best way to book a ticket for a connecting flight lets talk about the 30 minute rule. First off most airlines have a 30 minute rule meaning that 30 minutes prior to departure they will not let you check in for a flight. This is very important as even in a small airport the companies policy still is in effect. Mammoth is no exception in that the counter will close for check-ins as well as bag checks. If you are not checking a bag or have web checked it is still recommended that you show up before the 30 minute rule in that if you happen to lose your boarding pass or just need help from an agent, an agent will be able to help you. So now lets look at why the airlines have a 30 minute rule. First off its the simple fact that if there was no cut off for a flight then flights would be delayed left and right as passengers would show up minutes before the departure and still need to go through security. The second big reason is that most of the time 30 minutes prior to departure the crew will have to work on getting that flight ready to depart. This means that agents who would normally be checking people in have to go prepare to board the flight and make sure the flight will depart on-time. The main reason that airlines enforce these rules is to do their best to make sure flights depart on-time.

-Jason Ecker

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