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Keough’s Hot Springs

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If you are looking for a day in the sun or a fun family activity on your day off from skiing (or even in the afternoon once the spring snow gets too slushy and sticky), head down to Keough’s Hot Springs Resort just a few miles south of Bishop, CA.  Fed by natural hot springs running down the Eastern slope of the Sierras, this resort is complete with changing rooms, showers, a twenty five yard pool, and a large hot soaking pool.  The entire building is painted Mylanta-bottle green and is a total throwback to the sixties, so be prepared for an experience you won’t soon forget!  We go down quite often with our eleven month old son, and he loves floating around in the warm water (and pretending to swim).  On a recent trip, one of our baby friends even celebrated his first birthday complete with cake, candles and singing!  There were so many moms and kids at the pool it was like being at an aquatic playground.  In fact, on any given day you can always find a group of Mammoth moms at Keough’s taking a much-needed respite from the snow!   There’s nothing better than floating around on the provided pool noodles and kickboards.

Keough’s welcomes children of all ages, and even sells swim-diapers on site in case you didn’t pack any along with your ski gear.  They have a snack counter that sells sandwiches, drinks, and snacks, and there is also a small gift shop that sells bathingsuits, sunscreen, and souvenirs.  Price of admission is $8 for adults and $4 for kids and includes full use of the facilities for the entire day.  Get ready for some fun in the sun!

 By Leslie O’Berry / Leslie@RPExperts.com

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