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For The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Adventure Try Geocaching In Mammoth Lakes, CA

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The next time you are looking for something exciting to do in the great outdoors around Mammoth Lakes, CA, we would like to invite you to explore the world of Geocaching.  While winter is ski season, and summer the time for hiking and biking our many trails, Geocaching is a year-round activity. According to Geocaching.com, there are 55 “caches” as of today hidden within 10 miles of the Mammoth Lakes zip code.

The treasure-hunting game, which is typically played outdoors, utilizes the now common GPS technology we often use in our cars or on our smartphones.  One of the most popular smartphone apps for Geocaching can be found at this link.  Once you have done your research, and dressed appropriately for the terrain you will encounter, you are ready to play grown-up hide and seek.

The typical “treasure” is found in an air-tight and waterproof container and is not normally worth much monetarily.  There have been exceptions however.  You can never be sure exactly what you will find other than the logbook and pen or pencil that should be present in the container.  Once you have located your treasure using the coordinates (and other landmarks) provided on the Geocaching website, you would then record the details of your adventure in that logbook.

You should then leave something to replace the treasure you might decide to keep so that the next hunter will have something to find.  Some common cache items include small guide books, CDs, small toys or trinkets, foreign currency or coins, pretty much anything meant to delight the finder. Occasionally you will hear a story of the extraordinarily expensive treasure found.  “Travel Bugs” or “Geocoins” are also left to be moved from location to location with their travels recorded on a website.

Geocaching is great for families looking for some outdoor fun that they can do together, and it is also an excellent team-building activity.  You can geocache in any weather, on foot, bike or skis.  With over 300,000 caches hidden in over 200 countries around the world, you might even have time to find more than one.

If we can help you find more reasons to enjoy the Mammoth Lakes, CA area, or if you are thinking about purchasing your next home here, contact Maggie Larson at (855) GO-MAGGIE or visit us on Facebook.  We would love the opportunity to show you around.

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