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Fall Hiking in Mammoth Lakes, CA

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Mcleod Gorgeous DayAfter traveling around to Spain, Germany, and Oregon for the past couple months (Friend me on Facebook to take a look and at the same time “Like” our firm at Live in Mammoth), I’m finally back in Mammoth and it’s time to get back to work. Even this last week I was able to get in a ton of hiking in with the amazing Turtle (Leslie O’Berry’s Labrador Retriever mix) and enjoyed the 70+ degree weather just before this last snow storm. That snow storm recently left Mammoth with over a foot of snow and its beginning to look like the start of a great season. Mammoth Mountain is set to open right after Halloween on the 8th and I plan on being there for the first chairs of the season.

Turtle Playing

All my snow gear has been taken out and tuned up for a great year and as the temps in the Mammoth area have dropped from the 70s of last week to the mid 30s this week the snow should be around for a while. Another possible storm is looking to hit just before opening hopefully leaving us with a couple more inches of snow which will make this years opening a blast. I’m planning on getting my tickets to opening night where Blondfire and LA RIOTS will be playing at Eagle Lodge for Winterfest 2012 and I hope to see you all there. In the meantime keep an eye out for out and stop on by one of our open houses that we are holding throughout the town.

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