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Clean Up Your Snowman!

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Who can’t appreciate a good snowman?

I don’t know about you, but I can remember being a kid and having mom and dad help me build my first snowman.  We would start with body and work on making that first part just about as big of a snowball as possible.  From there we would make two more massive snowballs, both just slightly smaller than the previous.  That’s when dad’s job became crucial.  He would grab the mid-section and carefully stack it on top of the base snowball, followed by placing the head on top just as he would each year when carefully getting the Christmas tree topper in place.

Once that was done, then came the fun part….making Mr. Snowman look like a person.  I think a carrot nose was pretty standard with our snowmen.  But as far as the eyes, mouth, buttons, etc. we typically tried to use natural items from the surrounding environment, or some sort of food from the kitchen.  We did this for two reasons: 1) it was easy, and 20 there was no clean up.


Dead Snowman


As you can see from this photo I recently took out by Mammoth Creek Park, some family had a great time building what was probably a really fun snowman.  Well afterwards it looks like they just walked away leaving their trash (what was decoration at the time) to fend for itself.  As a local, this sort of site is very discouraging.  After 10 years of living here in Mammoth Lakes, it seems the amounts of liter and trash found floating around is on the increase.  Now I’m not going to try and point fingers on whether that is attributed to locals or tourists…as that’s not the important issue and it is most likely a combination of both.

The important thing to remember is that trash belongs in a trash can.  If you see someone building a snowman and using Gatorade bottle caps to make the snowman look more alive, perhaps compliment them on their fine work and remind them t9o please put the decorations in the trash when they are done.  Trust me, I’m no hippy, but regardless if I’m in downtown LA, Bangkok, or the John Muir Trail…trash is trash and it doesn’t belong floating around.

Together we make a difference!

Written by Eric Leach

eric@ResortPropertyRealty.com / 800-921-6520 / www.EricLeach.net

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