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California Highway 395

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U.S. Highway 395

There are a lot of roads that have special significance but for me it has always been 395 between Los Angeles and Mammoth Lakes. I learned how to drive on that road when it was mostly a two lane highway and the average trip time was 8-hours. My dad was an engineer by training and he had a precise method for everything. Initially, he made me count while he was driving as he passed the car in front of us – 1001, 1002, 1003…. Then he would have me count as cars approached, the same 1001, 1002, 1003… When I could visually figured out how long it took to pass another vehicle and how long it took the approaching car to intersect our paths; I could drive. During the days when the Highway Patrol used  fixed-wing aircraft to monitor your speed, I had an Audi with a sunroof. I would spend the entire drive looking up for the approaching shadow of the airplane. Next came the stage of the expensive radar/laser detector. The drive now consist of a series of beeps and tones and I believe my record drive time was 4-hours and 45 minutes. Now that the State of California views tickets as a source of revenue and it is rumored that there are 11 regular patrol cars, I just the set the speed control and cruise down the mostly divided highway. While at first appearance the scenery appears bleak, actually there are a lot of interesting sights and history that has occurred along this corridor. I am even thinking someday of starting to stop and see them. After all, isn’t life about the journey and not the destination?


This blog was submitted by Madeleine “Mickey” Brown and she can be reached at Mickey@RPEpxerts.com

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