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5 Big Mistakes Sellers Make

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Mammoth Real EstateIn the current real estate market and economy it can be difficult to sell a home. If you are not careful, you could make it even more difficult by making some of the mistakes listed below. A seller doesn’t control the Mammoth real estate market, but your actions can significantly contribute to how long and how much their home is sold for. Below we will discuss some of the biggest mistakes sellers make and we will give tips on how to avoid those mistakes.

  1. Underestimating Cleaning Up: It may seem obvious to most but it would surprise you how fast showings can creep up on you. Real estate agents everywhere know this to be a big problem when showing homes. Inviting potential buyers in to see an unkempt home is like going on a job interview dressed in shabby clothes and without bathing. How you show your home tells the buyer what type of care you have put into the home. If you can’t take the time to clean up, then what is the likelihood that you let other things get bad without doing anything about it. The leak you let get bad; the pest problem you let get out of control; these are the types of things that people think of when they see an unclean home when viewing real estate listings. If you don’t clean up you’ll likely find buyers will quickly move on to the next home on their list.
  2. Lingering During Showings: We know you want to know how the open house or showing went, but by lingering around during either of those types of events is not a good idea. Lingering during a showing can make the buyers uncomfortable. Buyers like to have time to explore the home at their own pace and without feeling any pressure. Buyers will sometimes want to sit and relax in a home before committing to buy. But if they feel rushed because you are waiting around for them to leave, you might miss out on a sale. If you’re selling your home, it is best to leave during a showing or open house. Go on a long walk or a drive to one of your favorite hangouts. As soon as the showing is over, you can get all the details from your agent.
  3. For Sale By Owner: It can be very difficult and time consuming to sell your own home. No matter how much information there is out there about FSBO difficulties, some people are convinced that they can do it on their own. Owners trying to sell their own home often succeed eventually, but it rarely happens without headaches. Trained Mammoth Real Estate specialists like the ones here at Resort Property Realty, Inc are experts in selling Mammoth Real Estate. An expert real estate agent who knows the Mammoth Real Estate market, has connections, guides you through the process, negotiates on your behalf, will make the process of selling your home faster and easier.
  4. Not interviewing agents: It is very important to choose the right listing agent. Set up an interview and ask a lot of questions. There must be a connection, an understanding, and good communication between the seller and the agent. There are many things that go on during the sale of a home. Communicating with the agent should be one of the easier tasks.
  5. Pricing a home incorrectly: This could be the worst mistake sellers make. Yet, this is where so much help can be found. Real estate agents see homes every single day. They know the neighborhoods and the comps. They are there to help you understand what homes have sold for in the recent past and what they’ll likely sell for during the current market conditions. Get a market evaluation from your agent and understand what is a fair price for your home in today’s market.

Thanks to The Mammoth Times for some of the information used in the blog post above. For more information like this please visit our Mammoth Real Estate Blog. If you are looking for a listings agent please visit our Team page and contact one of our qualified Mammoth Real Estate Agents directly. Thanks for visiting and reading this article on common mistakes that sellers make while trying to sell real estate in Mammoth Lakes. Come back soon for more articles like this one.

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2 Responses to “5 Big Mistakes Sellers Make”

  1. When figuring out the right price, don t rely too much on national statistics instead, focus on your local market. Some areas but not all have seen a decline in inventory because of a pick-up in sales. Be sure to price according to your neighborhood

  2. Many sellers base their pricing on “subjective value”. This means they are setting the price based on emotional value such as how much a seller paid for their home, how much they love their home, and their overall pride of ownership.

    However, setting the price should be done based on “objective value” or “market value”. Objective value looks at the condition of the property; its location, what properties with similar features in the same area are selling for, what other properties in the same area are listed for, and the overall condition of the economy and real estate market.

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