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3 Hiding Places Burglars Don’t Look

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Are your valuables easy prey for home invaders? Even if you take the time to hide your valuables, burglars are skilled and very resourceful and know how to find what they are looking for in a limited time frame. They are good at what they do and they know where people tend to hide their precious belongings. Studies suggest that the average burglar takes just eight to twelve minutes to rummage through your home to find the goods they want.


The number one room they look in is the bedroom because this is where many people keep their jewelry and a home safe, if they have one. After the bedroom, a thief will head to the living room and home office to see what they can find. It is strongly advised that you do not hide any of your belonging in any of these rooms. Rather, here is a look at the top three places you can hide your valuables that a burglar will not look.

Kids’ Rooms

When a former burglar was asked where people should hide their valuables that a burglar wouldn’t look, he suggested kid’s rooms. Typically, children’s rooms do not have a lot of valuables in them, with the exception of maybe a gaming system.  In addition, kids’ rooms are usually cluttered with toys making it too much work for the burglar to search for something of large value. Try hiding your things inside the battery compartment of an old toy, sitting on a shelf. A burglar would never have time to unscrew the covering to see if there were valuables inside.


The kitchen is one of the last places a burglar will look and if they do it will probably be to search through your drawers looking for your spare set of car keys. This makes the freezer a great place to hide your valuables or money. You can wrap your valuables up in aluminum foil or place them in an old ice cream container. The trick though is to make sure the package containing your valuables does not look out of place. It must blend in with the other items you have in the freezer. Try placing it near the back of the freezer and place your other frozen goods in front of it. You certainly do not want to do anything that draws attention.

Make Your Own Space

You can also be creative and make your own space to hide your valuables. Consider cutting out the insides of a book and storing your valuables there. This option is best for those people who have a collection of books, where the burglar will not have time to go through each book. You can also store your belongings in an old computer monitor or TV. Or, you can carve out a space near the bottom your wall to hide your valuables, and then place a fake outlet in front of it. If you choose this option, you have to make sure you properly reinsert the fake outlet each time you access your valuable. If it looks out of place, it will attract the burglar’s attention.

87613506Be creative when thinking about where to store your valuables. You certainly want it to be the last place a burglar would ever look. The best plan, however, is to prevent the burglar from entering your home in the first place. One of the biggest deterrents for a burglar is video surveillance cameras. Video cameras may actually stop a burglar from entering your home. One look at a video camera by the door, and they will go running.

There are plenty of homes without security systems, so most burglars would not waste their time trying to break into a home with cameras installed. In addition, if the burglar does break into your home, the surveillance cameras will catch him/her in action. This evidence may be able to help the police department capture the intruder and bring him/her to justice. Installing surveillance cameras is a great step to protecting your family and your home from the dangers of a home intruder.

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